Telecommunication Services

Prevos Solutions is a reseller for a number of telecom providers and we provide any connection that your business needs.

  • Phone Lines

    We provide traditional or internet-based phonelines to meet your voice communciation requirements.

  • VoIP Solutions

    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is voice which travels over an internet connection. With less expensive costs per call than a traditional phone line, VoIP includes for free many features which would normally cost extra, such as caller ID, call waiting, and 3-way calling. Also known as hosted PBX, our solutions give your business as many phone lines as you need, all running over a single broadband connection. With integrated routing to mobile phones, you have seamless coverage even during a temporary broadband outage.

  • Internet connectivity

    Depending on your internet requirements, we facilitate high-speed internet connections such as DSL, or an even faster fibreoptic connection. With our knowledge of the latest technologies and providers, we can recommend a solution based on your budget and geographic location.

  • Dedicated Broadband

    If broadband is mission-critical to your business, we also provide dedicated broadband connections. These differ from traditional services like Eir's eFibre, in that they are either completely uncontended, or shared with a very small number of other customers.

  • Unified Communications

    An integrated offering which combines voice and data, enabling seamless Video Conferencing, IP Telephony (converged voice and data over internet), unified messaging (voicemail, e-mail, instant messaging) and collaboration.