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IT Updates, Tips other Useful Content

IT Blog featuring content which enables business owners to get the most from their IT.
Securing your IT against threats which can negatively impact your business, such as cyber attacks, fraud, or accidental damage. Topics covered include antivirus, password management, recent cyber threats, and data backup/business continuity.

GDPR – 5 Ways to Minimise Your Chances of a Data Breach

Even the mention of GDPR is enough to strike dread into the hearts of business owners. With potential massive fines if an organisation suffers a data (“data” can even be someone’s email address or name) breach, how is it possible to comply with the 88 pages of this legislation which affects anyone doing business in Europe?

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IT Security Basics – Give Me 3 Minutes, And I’ll Give You Peace Of Mind

We lock our doors when we leave the house, cover the number pad at ATM machines, and are wary of unknown visitors to our homes. This level of vigilance helps keeps us secure, and reduces the risk of becoming a victim of crime.

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How to choose a strong Passw0rd (Hint: don’t use the commonly used one in this title!)

“But I’ll think of a strong password and use it everywhere”. Not recommended either, because if this is cracked in one place, this exposes you in the other places.

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5 IT Security Best Practices

The terms computer viruses, ransomware, and trojan horses frequently evoke fear and dread on the part of business owners and operations managers.

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Using a Public Wifi Hotspot – Is it Safe?

You’re settling down in a comfy chair in the café with your latte. You take out your phone, and see ‘FREE Wifi’ in the list of network connections.

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