Cloud Services

It's pretty simple really: Cloud just means accessing applications over the internet, rather than from a local computer or network. Prevos Solutions try to make things simple for our clients, as we can't stand complexity either!

  • Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Online

    Microsoft's superb productivity solutions: Office 365 and Exchange Online, are great business productivity tools. Office 365: This is the subscription service to Microsoft Office, featuring Word, Outlook, Excel, and Powerpoint, with an amazing 50Gb of storage per user! Exchange Online: For as little as €3.30 per user per month, you can have Enterprise class email, with your emails securely backed up to the cloud. In addition, your emails are synced automatically across all devices, such as mobiles and tablets.

  • Cloud Data Backup

    We backup your onsite data to our cloud server (which itself is backed up) each night. This way, if your onsite data is damaged (e.g. fire/flood; hardware failure, or via malware), your cloud backup is readily accessible ensuring your business is not negatively impacted.

  • Virtual Server

    If you have good broadband coverage, a virtualised server, where your server is stored in the cloud, is a viable alternative to investing in an onsite server. The advantages of this include scalable pricing, where you only pay for the resources that you use, which can increase or decrease in line with your business demands. Another benefit is that as you pay monthly rather than a relatively large upfront investment for an onsite server, costs can be managed more effectively.

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