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Outsourcing Q&A - Susana Marambio of Beacon Business Commercial Services

Outsourcing can be defined as a way to “obtain (goods or a service) by contact from an outsider supplier.”

We are obviously big believers in outsourcing (being an outsourcing IT company ourselves!) but we were interested to hear what other businesses' attitudes were…


For the remainder of this month we will be running a Q&A featuring successful business owners. This week will focus on Susana Marambio, Director and Co-Owner of Beacon Business Commercial Services.susana

1) Sum up your business in ten words:

More customers, increased profits, strategies to grow your business guaranteed.

2) What makes you guys unique or stand out from the crowd?  

In our first meeting we carry out a Business Assessment and we guarantee to find them a minimum of €10,000 to €100,000  incremental revenue (depending on business size), all we need is an hour of their time.

3) How has Covid-19 been for your business?

We’re just getting up and running, so it’s early days.

4) Is your business suited to remote working?


5) Do you think it’s important for a business to outsource in order to grow?  

Our focus is on small businesses and start-ups, businesses struggling to get off the ground, or more established businesses whose momentum is plateaued. In organisations such as these, where time or resource is an issue, outsourcing specific functions can help address these issues.

6) What areas of your business would you be inclined to outsource before you hire in that area?

IT support, digital marketing, finance.

7) Does your business provide an outsourced service for another business? If so, what is it?  

We work with small businesses to identify opportunities to grow revenue and increase profit. Where experience or resource is limited, we can step in and support businesses owners as Sales & Marketing Directors on an interim basis.

8) Do you feel you have enough information when it comes to outsourcing- when and how to use it to its full advantage?  

You can never have enough information on actions or initiatives to help your business grow, that said, many companies make the mistake to target potential customers with message unsuitable for the (buyers) stage they are.

9) Do you feel outsourcing could bring you any advantages such as: getting an expert opinion, getting things done faster, reducing cost etc.?  

Absolutely, especially in areas such as you’ve outlined and this is where we can step in and help. We basically hit the ground running and provide business owners with the clear roadmap of what they need to do to grow.

10) In which instances would you never outsource and only hire in-house?

Where passion for the product or service offered is key to making it a success. That passion comes from the DNA of the business, its culture and its founder. It can’t be outsourced.


And that’s our first Q&A of this series. I hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget to keep an eye out for the next one!!



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Sunday, 13 June 2021

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