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Outsourcing Q&A - Angelika Szac and Melanie Wild of iMellan

Reinforcing the positives of outsourcing with Angelika Szac and Melanie Wild of iMellan!

 1) Sum up your business in ten words:  

We help people and organisations to master digitalisation and economically driven change. We want people to feel good to be lost in the right direction during their business and personal transformation journey - and to become adaptable enough to get where they want to be!

2) What makes you guys unique or stand out from the crowd?  imellon

At iMellan we help Corporations, Small Business Owners, Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs, and individual people to achieve what they want in their business and personal lives.

We make Transformation real by combining coaching, consulting and enablement which is a unique combination and takes Transformation to the next level.

We offer consulting services and online programs that push personal boundaries, change old structures and behaviors and reinforce the development of change-positive mindsets.

3) How has Covid-19 been for your business?  

It was actually a spark and driver to start the company and ramp up our services!

4) Is your business suited to remote working?  

Since we started our business during the COVID pandemic, we have a digital business model that provides digital services. For many years we have been working remotely and that’s a natural way of doing things for us. We have outsourced services across Europe and we operate in four countries: Ireland, Germany, Poland and Romania where some of our own services and processes are outsourced.

5) Do you think it’s important for a business to outsource in order to grow?   

Yes, you can scale and grow faster, more efficiently and in a more flexible way. You add more diversity and specialist knowledge. You potentially gain wider perspective. You reflect more on your process maps. You can benefit from different time zones having your services delivered from various parts of the world. In the long run it is worthwhile to add an outsourcing component to your strategy. And to be honest since we have always worked in a shared service environment, managed shared services and led outsourcing and transformation ventures, we can’t imagine working without outsourced services.

6) What areas of your business would you be inclined to outsource before you hire in that area?   

IT, Infrastructure, Websites management, Sales, Catering, Marketing incl. Digital marketing, Research & Development, Accounting, HR, Meeting Management, Fleet Management – everything that is operations related!

7) Does your business provide an outsourced service for another business? If so, what is it? 

Project driven transformation services combining coaching, consulting, enablement.

8) Do you feel you have enough information when it comes to outsourcing- when and how to use it to its full advantage?  

Yes, we have extensive experience when it comes to managing outsourcing, shared services, consolidating and moving services etc. and we are happy to support others in this area.

9) Do you feel outsourcing could bring you any advantages such as: getting an expert opinion, getting things done faster, reducing cost etc.?  

Absolutely, we have mentioned some of them in our response to question 5 – from bringing diversity to getting perspectives.

10) In which instances would you never outsource and only hire in-house?  

Strategic and business intelligence related positions.

Another really enjoyable Q&A as always!



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Sunday, 26 September 2021

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