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Outsourcing Q&A - Denis Moloney of Denis Moloney Services

Another day and you know what that means... another outsourcing Q&A and today we are focusing on Denis Moloney of Denis Moloney Services.

1) Sum up your business in ten words:  

Innovative domestic mechanical services company focused towards maximising energy efficiency! 

2) What makes you guys unique or stand out from the crowd?

We aim for the highest possible standards with all of our installations. We're not afraid of the latest technology and even welcome it. We guide our clients in achieving the best possible results from design phase, Underfloor Heating Denis Moloney Servicesthrough to completion.   

3) How has Covid-19 been for your business?  

Covid 19 has been a real challenge for us. Our business was all but shut down twice from the pandemic but through implementing new precautions and an all round great team effort we are now back to work and working more efficiently than ever.

4) Is your business suited to remote working?  

As an installation company working from home is not much of an option for us. We have however adopted the practice of virtual meeting wherever possible and have had some great time saving results.

5) Do you think it’s important for a business to outsource in order to grow?   

Yes. Our business relies on many different professionals pulling together in order to achieve a finished product. The bulk of our physical work is carried out by plumbers, but these works also require other trades people and engineers which at least at the moment we can't justify taking on full time staff for. I believe it's difficult to build and maintain a high standard in an area that is niche to you. I believe these areas are best outsourced to a company which specialises in these individual areas.

6) What areas of your business would you be inclined to outsource before you hire in that area?   

Other trades people and engineers as mentioned above.

7) Does your business provide an outsourced service for another business? If so, what is it?  

We are quite often subcontracted in by the main construction contractor. This would be our main area of work as a B2B contractor. 

8) Do you feel you have enough information when it comes to outsourcing- when and how to use it to its full advantage?  

Experience has shown me the way regarding outsourcing but this was a bit of a mine field at the beginning. There was a time where we would struggle with pricing and scheduling of outsourcing and even more so with finding the right people. This was mainly due to our lack of knowledge of where to go to what questions to ask.

9) Do you feel outsourcing could bring you any advantages such as: getting an expert opinion, getting things done faster, reducing cost etc.?  

See above.

10) In which instances would you never outsource and only hire in-house?  

Plumbing, Heating & Ventilation is our main area of expertise. For this we employee plumbers for the most part and try to keep this in house to maintain our standards of work and safety procedures. On occasion we do look to other similar companies which we have relationships with, but only for short term peak times. 

Another great response- keep an eye out for more!



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Sunday, 26 September 2021

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