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Outsourcing Q&A - Colin Keogh of Sapien Innovation

When a company uses outsourcing, it enlists the help of outside organisations to complete certain tasks. We believe by doing this, outsourcing allows the company more time to focus on other jobs, but what does Colin Keogh of Sapien Innovation think??

1) Sum up your business in ten words:

Helping companies, universities, and individuals innovate via engaging training, workshops and hackathons.

2) What makes you guys unique or stand out from the crowd?

At Sapien Innovation our experience, history and track record makes us unique. As former company founders, innovators and instigators of international renowned innovation projects, we are ideally suited to give colinkeoghfirst hand training and support to all types of innovation action. We have years of proven impact, a number of hugely successful projects under our belt and significant educational background in the innovation space. We are regular contributors to innovation media, publications and academic papers, with high quality international recognition for our work. This has helped us work with originations including Techstars, Avolon Aviation, European Innovation Council, Unesco, Revolut, and others.

3) How has Covid-19 been for your business?

Covid-19 has been a blessing and a curse for us. We were due to launch on the 16th March 2020 with an innovation event with the Irish Health Service, which was canceled due to covid, but pivoting quickly we launched TeamOSV, and open source covid intervention project which became one of the largest open source innovation projects in history with over 5,000 contributors. This kicked off a number of high profile projects and events in the innovation space, which in turn allowed us to support the global move to online based events, with us running a number of engaging innovation events with a number of global organizations. Our experience with online events, technology platforms and global distance training ensured we were well placed to pivot to the online world.

4) Is your business suited to remote working?

Our business has always been remote. We have an office, but were never in it. As we work directly with clients we spend most of our time on site with them, running training, workshops and hackathon events. With the pivot to remote work, we helped many organizations run online innovation and impact events, with us ensuring the events are engaging, fulfilling and exciting. As we are international, we were quite used to remote working before covid hit.

5) Do you think it’s important for a business to outsource in order to grow?

Outsourcing can be of huge help. We have outsourced some facilitation, design and preparatory work in the past, and will likely continue to do so. It allows us to focus our efforts on the most important aspects of what we do, ensuring we give are focus to the core areas of our business.

6) What areas of your business would you be inclined to outsource before you hire in that area?

Content preparation, administration and logistics are the main areas we would be likely to outsource in. These would free up our time to focus on the vital aspects of what we do day to day.

7) Does your business provide an outsourced service for another business? If so, what is it?

We have indeed, a lot of our business is outsourced from companies, universities or other organizations, leading the development, rollout and delivery of their innovation programs. We have provided in person training actions, fully week long hackathons and development of internal innovation programs to external companies as outsourced services in the past. Everything from research, preparation and publication of innovation plans and strategies, to outsourced production of engaging video content.

8) Do you feel you have enough information when it comes to outsourcing- when and how to use it to its full advantage?

While we are comfortable with the process, more information and support would always be welcome, in particularly when it comes to tax arrangements with overseas outsourcing actors.

9) Do you feel outsourcing could bring you any advantages such as: getting an expert opinion, getting things done faster, reducing cost etc.?

Outsourcing 100% allows us to get things done faster, with the ability to bring on temporary manpower when needed during busy periods. Expertise can also be brought onboard if and when needed, reducing the overal cost of this expertise by only engaging it when needed.

10) In which instances would you never outsource and only hire in-house?

We place the utmost priority on the quality of our delivery, so if at all possible one of our founders will lead in person delivery. In the rare occasion that we outsource our delivery, we only use trusted suppliers that we have a long working relationship with. If we cant use an trusted party, we would not outsource this aspect.

Another great Q&A and some really interesting points made by Colin in this week's blog post!


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Sunday, 26 September 2021

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