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Have You Nearly (or Actually!) Lost Business Opportunities Through Missed Emails? Read This.

You’re lying awake at night with a niggling feeling that you missed an important email from a client. You call the client the next day and they confirm they sent it last week but since you didn’t respond, they assumed you weren’t interested, and did a deal with one of your competitors. Has this ever happened to you?

Email should be simple: Compose, click send, arrives in recipients mailbox shortly after. If implemented properly, it works this way. When not implemented right though, well that’s when emails get lost and frustrations rise.

We have resolved customers email problems such as these:

  1. Jim purchased the email product himself, but is having problems configuring it correctly.
  2. Joe started with his company this year, and is the operations manager. He inherited the current email system and some emails aren’t being sent, and he doesn’t know why.
  3. Jane’s email is provided by a third party supplier, who is not giving her the support she requires.

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With Exchange Online, Microsoft’s best-in-class email product, you get a massive 50Gb quota per mailbox, with inbuilt Anti-malware and anti-spam filtering to give you added protection against spam and viruses which can infect your computer. And all this for €3.40 per user per month! Drop us a line for more details.

We handle the move to Exchange Online, including migrating from your old email system the following: mailboxes, folders, email rules, and even signatures!

We also setup Exchange Online on user’s mobile devices, which perfectly syncs with the desktop version.

The Direct Benefits of moving to your emails to us and Microsoft Exchange Online include:

  1. No more lost emails!
  2. Enterprise class spam filtering and malware protection.
  3. No more worries about exceeding storage limits.
  4. No need to ‘cc’ yourself on emails – Syncing across all your devices means an item sent from any device shows up in the Sent folders of all devices.
  5. Real-time storage and backup of all emails in the cloud – if your computer or phone gets lost/destroyed, access your email from any internet-enabled device.

Oh, and Jim, Joe, and Jane are very happy since they moved their email to us also!

We handle organisations of all sizes, and the end result for all our clients is enterprise-class email for a ridiculously low cost. So if you’ve had enough of email problems for your business, call us at 091 395413 so that you can focus on your business.


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Sunday, 18 April 2021

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