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We answer any IT query and fix every IT problem. Quickly, professionally, and NEVER make you feel like you asked a silly question.

When you needed help with your IT in the past, all you wanted was someone to TAKE CARE OF YOUR IT. That wasn’t too much to ask for, was it? The reality was that they might have been skilled, but talked down to you; fixed your issue, but took WAY too long to fix it; or were friendly, but just not very good.

Unlike your nephew who “is handy with IT” but can’t be reached just when you critically need expert help, we’re there when you need us and we don’t just put a plaster on the problem. We get to the root cause and eliminate it so it doesn’t put your business on pause at the most inconvenient time possible. We take ownership of ALL our client’s IT problems, when other providers say “Oh that’s not my problem, you need to talk to Software X or Broadband Y about that, good luck!”. We roll up our sleeves, step up and OWN the problem, talking to whoever we need to, in order to FIX THE DAMN ISSUE ONCE AND FOR ALL. That’s why our customers tend to stay with us for years: they know they can trust us to manage their IT, so they can focus on their business.

We (Kevin Newell and Stuart Howard) started Prevos Solutions because we love IT, are big fans of best practices, and we love helping others. Kevin has the scars to prove the last point – literally. A huge scar on his right index finger from trying to be a helpful 3-year-old, when he picked up broken glass off the floor, slicing a tendon in the process! After his family and rugby, Stuart loves a good old IT challenge to get stuck into. Getting it done quickly even better!

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•    Email/Domain Services
•    Support Services
•    Cloud Services

We are frequently asked about our name ("How did you come up with Prevos?"). It actually reflects our core principle of Excellence. Prevoshodstvo (or more accurately превосходство) is the Russian word for excellence. We shortened Prevoshodstvo to Prevos, which has become synonomous in the West of Ireland for Excellence in IT Services since 2011.

--- превосходство --- Prevoshodstvo --- Excellence ---