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Windows 10: Does it Deliver?

Several of our clients (as well as ourselves) have migrated to Windows 10. Here's what we learned...

Windows 10 was released by Microsoft almost 1 year ago. Some people migrated to the new operating system by choice, some by accident, but it appears that Microsoft are making it harder to avoid the update which installs Windows 10.


The majority consensus is that it is intuitive and stable, barring a few teething issues, and requires (just a little!) patience to get used to the new interface. Windows 10It installs relatively quickly, and the Start Button has wisely been restored as a key feature of the operating system. The overall look is something between Windows 7 and 8, but it seems to combine the best of both systems. The tiles shown in the graphic can all be easily removed and replaced with programs you want at your fingertips. Even if you don't see your programme, just hit the start button and start typing. The excellent search functionality identifies what you're looking for very quickly. General perfomance is very good overall.


Here are a few points to note when migrating to Windows 10:

  1. When the process starts, its very important not to cancel it or shut down the computer. It may look like its stuck, but it usually installs OK.
  2. After installation, your printer may require a driver update in order to function, but this is usually easily obtained from the manufacturers website. Also, check any non-Microsoft programs, some may not be compatible with Windows 10 and may require updating or even replacing.
  3. Microsoft's latest browser, Edge (set by default, but this can be changed), while impressive, probably doesn't warrant changing your preferred browser, expecially if you currently use Firefox or Chrome.


In summary, if you haven't already migrated, its best that you set some time aside during a quiet time in your schedule for this, in order to test your printers, programmes etc.


If you have any questions on what Microsoft are saying will be their last version of Windows, please call our Windows 10 Migration experts today at 091 395413, or via email at


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Thursday, 18 January 2018

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