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What's up with the wifi connection??!!

Virtually all businesses use broadband today, and more frequently not just on desktop PCs but on mobile devices like laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.


The most important thing from a business point of view is the security of the wifi connection. Internet Service Providers (ISP) assign a default SSID and password to the broadband box (router) which is delivered to the customer.We advise all users to change the default SSID and password as the default ones can easily be cracked. Also remember that your businesses wifi is for business purposes, we strongly advise against giving out access to anyone else, such as customers or suppliers or even neighbours. If you want to give wifi access to your customers you should consider segregating the public network from your business network.

Why is it so hard to connect and the speed is so slow? If you're pulling your hair out when your ISP tells you that the broadband is fine, but your wifi signal keeps dropping, the cause may be one or more of a variety of reasons, including the following:

Distance from the wifi router:
The wifi routers job is to deliver the broadband wirelessly to devices, and only works within a certain range, after which the signal becomes too weak. If you’re close, it’s a great signal, and if you’re far away, the speed decreases. If you must work outside the effective range of the wifi router, Access Points can be installed which will extend the range and signal strength.

Network load:
The more devices (computers, smartphones, laptops) accessing the wifi, the slower the speed will become. Even if its just a few devices, if one is downloading data like large files (video, or other large files), this limits the bandwidth to other devices on the network, causing speeds to slow.

Network interference:
Other electronic equipment like baby monitors, cordless phones and even microwaves can negatively impact the wireless signal. One clue might be the fact that your internet speed drops when you’re reheating that soup from the fridge!

Conflicts with neighbouring networks:
Even if you’re not connected to your neighbours network, the routers may be interfering with each others signal frequency. If this is the case, changing the frequency used by your router can resolve the issue.


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Thursday, 18 January 2018

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